Analyse Effort

Find out how your pupils are engaging with the work programme and if they are meeting their target

Analyse Understanding

View your pupils’ progress through the curriculum and which AREs your pupils are finding more tricky

Starting baseline assessment

Discover how and when to reassess a student's understanding so their work programme can adapt to their needs

Creating a class and adding students

See how to easily create a Doodle class and add your pupils to it

Changing DoodleMaths or DoodleEnglish class

See how to toggle between DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish

Regenerating student login slips

Find out how to regenerate login slips for your pupils

Setting Extras

Discover how to add work in AREs for individual pupils or your whole class

Using a Class Code to add students to a class

Discover how to find your class codes that can be shared with students, so you can view their progress

How-to videos

Changing the settings within My Friends

Find out how to update the My Friends setting for your school

Student first log in tutorial

Share our quick video with students who are logging in to Doodle for the first time

First log in with a class code

See how pupils can log in for the first time by using a class code

Linking a parent account

Discover how parents can link their details to their child's account

Doodle programmes

Teacher dashboard