How do sessions work?

Whilst waiting for a session to begin, children can complete a mathematical-themed doodle in their journal.


1. Session starts, children are encouraged to contribute to a group discussion on an open-ended maths problem.

2. Each child then spends some time using DoodleMaths independently. At this point, they'll have the opportunity to work with their coach to solve any challenging questions they've encountered.

3. Their coach will help them to plan when they'll use DoodleMaths over the next week and work with them to set a learning intention.  

4. At the end of a session, each child fills in a journal that encourages them to think about how they’ve displayed confidence, tenacity and resilience in the session.  

5. To support each child as they use DoodleMaths throughout the week, their coach will set them extra exercises to target their learning gaps and use baseline assessments to track their progress.

How much does DoodleCoaching cost?

DoodleCoaching costs £67 per month and includes weekly, term-time coaching sessions and unlimited access to our learning software which is pitched at just the right level for your child.

If you already have a subscription to the learning software used as part of DoodleCoaching, a DoodleCoaching subscription can be purchased for £59 per month.

How are coaches trained?

Comprised of a team of inspiring individuals, all of our Coaches have been hand-picked by our team of education specialists.

During intensive training, they're taught:

•   How to deliver inspiring, motivational learning

•   How to help learners with topics they're finding challenging

•   How to help children build their confidence, resilience and independence

In addition, all of our Coaches undergo safeguard training and are DBS checked.

For more information, please visit our Help Centre to chat to our team.

What's included in a DoodleCoaching subscription?

A DoodleCoaching subscription includes:

•   Support and guidance from our team of education specialists

•   A weekly 30-minute online coaching session

•   A journal and stickers for your child

•   Weekly emails reports

How many children join each session?

Each session takes place in a small group of three to five children.

I already have a DoodleMaths subscription, how do I get started?

Hooray — that's fantastic to hear!

Simply click here to chat to an education specialist about what coaching can offer you and your child.

What technical requirements do I need to use DoodleCoaching?

You’ll need a laptop or PC to access the DoodleCoaching online platform, along with a good network connection. Children can access their maths work programme on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Am I tied into a long contract?

You’re not tied into any contract and can cancel your subscription at any time. However, we know that it can take a few months of using DoodleCoaching to start seeing significant progress; we’ll advise you of this during your consultation.

Can I try a session before purchasing a subscription?

Absolutely. We want to ensure that your child feels comfortable with DoodleCoaching and will feel engaged and motivated by its activities. We encourage all those interested in the programme to attend a free trial session before purchasing a subscription.

If I cancel my subscription, will you refund my current monthly payment?

If you choose to cancel your subscription, you’ll need to do so before your next payment period as we unfortunately cannot refund payments that have already been made.


Why DoodleCoaching?

Powered by award-winning tech

Thanks to our unique software, we are able to objectively and precisely pinpoint your child's weaker areas of understanding, ensuring that they're always working on the right content

Designed by education specialists

Developed by our team of teachers, our work programme is fully-aligned to the curriculum and uses a variety of interactive question styles to support all types of learners

Boosted by in-depth analysis

Our team keeps a close eye on your child’s work programme, to ensure their progress is realistic, ongoing and appropriate. You can also check their progress at any time via the online Parent Dashboard.

Makes maths fun

Alongside the educational games, collectables and rewards in DoodleMaths, the sessions are designed to enthuse and inspire children’s learning and celebrate every success

Fits around your schedule

Coaching sessions are joined from the comfort of your own home, and children can practise anywhere, anytime using a tablet, laptop or mobile

Builds classroom skills

From time management, to communication and independence, your child will gain skills that’ll support them in the classroom and beyond

Tailored support for every child

Boost your child's confidence and independence with a fresh approach to maths tutoring

Boost your child's confidence today!

How does it work?

Online, small-group tutoring sessions delivered by our trained coaches, via our purpose-built platform.

Complete a digital assessment

DoodleMaths, our award-winning software, will precisely identify your child’s level of understanding and any gaps in their knowledge using its in-built intelligence.

Practise regularly

DoodleMaths can be used offline on tablets, phones, laptops and desktops, letting children learn anywhere, anytime.

Attend weekly virtual sessions

Our fully-trained, UK-based coaches will guide your child’s learning, explaining challenging concepts, setting unique goals and motivating them to keep up their hard work.

Use the personalised maths programme

Using this data, Doodle builds your child a unique work programme tailored to their needs. This continually adapts as they progress, ensuring work is always at the right level of challenge.

Chat to our team

Tell us about your child’s needs and interests so we can tailor the programme to your goals and choose a coaching group to suit them.

Why our customers love DoodleCoaching

Is it right for your child?

If you’d answer ‘yes’ to any of these statements, chat to us to discover how DoodleCoaching could benefit your child.

Does DoodleCoaching work?

Coached children progress to a new maths topic on average five times each month!

Over the course of a year, coached children progress by 2.4 years on average*

* Compared to 1.7 for children only using DoodleMaths. Based on answering 13 questions a day.

94% of customers report that their child has made ‘good’ or ‘significant’ progress 

Discover DoodleCoaching

DoodleCoaching is an innovative learning programme that combines traditional tutoring with the latest in educational technology.


By joining DoodleCoaching, your child will receive a personalised maths programme created by our award-winning software, plus the support of a highly trained coach to fill gaps in their knowledge. This will help them to develop great learning habits and boost their confidence, ensuring accelerated progress in maths.

Is it safe?

Find out more about our Coaches

My child...

> Is aged between 7-13

> Has been affected by periods of disrupted learning

> Becomes anxious when talking about maths lessons 

> Becomes upset when faced with homework

> Has gaps in their knowledge that are preventing them from progressing

> Is uncomfortable with the idea of a 1:1 tutor


> Am considering private tuition, but cannot travel to study centres

> Have limited free time and need a manageable solution

> Want my child to develop independent learning skills

> Want a solution that my child will engage with

> Would like a programme that celebrates my child’s individual successes


> Our coaches hold DBS certificates and have completed safeguarding training.


> They’re fully-trained and are supported by our team of DoodleCoaching specialists.


> Sessions are recorded for safe-guarding and quality assurance


> Our secure DoodleCoaching platform has been purpose built and designed with your child’s safety as a priority.


> Your child attends each session from the comfort of your own home, reassuring even the most nervous of children.

What's included?

> FREE consultation with our education specialist

> FREE first session (no upfront commitment)

> Award winning, personalised digital maths programme

> A highly trained and supportive coach

> Convenient weekly sessions

> Unlimited practice questions

> Motivating games and rewards

> Seasonal challenges to join

> Sibling discount available

All for just £16.75 / week

(or £13.65/week if you have DoodleMaths premium)