About us

DoodleLearning was founded by Tom and Nicola in 2012, two former teachers with one key mission in mind: to build every child's confidence in maths and English.

Today, the DoodleLearning team is made up of 40 education enthusiasts and is used by thousands of learners around the globe every day.

Our space

Located in the heart of Bath, our modern, open-plan office is the perfect place to collaborate and socialise.

With plants, books and ample work spaces, our premises spark creativity and make it easy to share ideas. Our large social area is a great place to unwind, while shower facilities are available for post-lunch exercise.

Our office is a 10-minute walk from the station and a few seconds away from a bus stop, making it ideal for commuters.

Staff testimonials

"Doodle helped me to find my skills"

"When I first started working at DoodleLearning, I had no idea what career path I wanted to pursue. As a maths graduate, I loved the idea of working for a company who were passionate about building children's confidence in maths.

From my first few weeks as an intern, it was clear that this was a company that really cared about the impact their products could have on children's futures, and also about the team they were creating to build their products.

The company helped me to find where my skills lie and provided me with training and mentoring to develop me in to the Product Manager role I now fill."

— Sarah Jane, Product Manager

"I feel supported and valued"

"Having reached a stage in my teaching career where I had trained for SLT and was considering my next move, I decided to look at what else was out there.

One of the major challenges for teachers who leave the profession is what to do next, as teaching is a unique career. I came across the role of Education Consultant and what first attracted me were the company values: well-being, integrity, growth mindset, focus and education. They aligned with my own and as I was familiar with the DoodleLearning products and how well they support children’s confidence and attainment, I was excited to find out more.

Having worked at the company since 2019, I honestly couldn’t be happier. I’m fortunate to work with an amazing group of friendly, positive people who have a real passion for what they do. I feel supported, valued and trusted by the founders to develop and succeed."

— Steve, Education Consultant

"Doodle helps you to flourish and grow"

"Scrolling through job postings and not feeling very inspired, I came across an ad for a curriculum specialist at DoodleLearning. I was very excited and started researching DoodleLearning straight away. Here was a company where I could use my teaching expertise to make a positive difference in education [and] which suited me better than being in the classroom.

Although this role was filled internally, Nicola contacted me to say that I should keep a look-out for other upcoming jobs and apply again. I didn't hold out much hope - that's an email we've all received - but when she emailed me a couple of weeks later with a different vacancy encouraging me to apply for it, I realised that, at DoodleLearning, it wasn't a generic email.

Once [DoodleLearning] have found someone with a passion for education, a desire to learn and team spirit, they will keep looking for a place for them and continue to support them, helping them to flourish and grow."

— Jasmin, Schools Lead

Careers at Doodle

Here at DoodleLearning, we're passionate about education and social impact. We're constantly developing exciting and innovative ways to empower children to unlock their potential.

We're always on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic and hardworking individuals to join our team. Think you'd be a good fit? Make your mark by beginning your journey with us today!

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