Doodle Learning
Is a creative and fun
educational iPad game
  • Perfect teaching aid for schools, parents and teachers
  • Complete safe, child-friendly game
  • Developed by education professionals
  • Available in all Apple App Stores

Welcome to Doodle Learning

We believe that there can be a perfect partnership between learning and having fun and so we have launched the first in a series of Educational Apps aimed at children. Doodle Learning Maths and Doodle Learning English are available now for download in the App Store and will keeps kids entertained as they learn.

About Us

We're a team of passionate teachers and game designers who are working together to take advantage of the amazing tablet devices on the market today. Our goal is to make learning fun by combining game mechanics with behavioural mechanics across numerous subjects and varying levels of difficulty.

Such a fun app. Little details like the sounds of all the stickers are so clever. And the way you can use your own pictures to draw on is a big hit. Brilliant way to get kids learning...


This is absolutely brilliant - my son has not put this down since I downloaded earlier today. A great app and really educational. I highly recommend!


    Contact us

    Feel free to drop us an email at if you have any questions or you are having any problems with the app - we'll try our best to help!